Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Antenna cables productions is getting more and more challenging because of the tremendous technology improvements.

Important key characteristics conformity at SWR/Return Loss must be guarantee not only for AM-FM radio frequency leads but also for applications up to 3GHz (DAB, SDARS, GPS, GSM, Bluetooth) or recently > 6GHZ for rear or 360° camera system, FDM (full display mirrors), 4G LTE Wi-Fi, DSRC (Dedicated Short-Range Communication) and V2X (Vehicle to everything) Communication systems.

Autonomous driving rises the target up to 15-20 GHz with standard and miniature Fakra.

Standard or double shielded cables 75Ω (RG59) and 115Ω cables or RG174/RG316, Dual Shielded low loss 50Ω (RTK), 462 are becoming very popular in every car.

AEC production can support high volumes of single or assembled leads at maximum quality level according to ISO/USCAR specification.

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